Alex Lawther's James plots murder in Netflix's 'End of the [Expletive] World' trailer

Jan. 1 (UPI) — Netflix released its first trailer for the upcoming series The End of the [Expletive] World Monday.

Starring Alex Lawther and Jessica Barden, the show is based on the graphic novel by Charles Forsman. It is set to debut Jan. 5.

“This isn’t your usual boy meets girl tale. Come join teenage outsiders James and Alyssa on a road trip like no other,” the streaming service teased in a message accompanying the 2 1/2-minute preview.

The clip opens with Lawther as James introducing himself and declaring he is 17 and “pretty sure I’m a psychopath.”

He then meets up with the emotionally disturbed Alyssa, whom he initially intends to kill, but ultimately becomes attracted to.

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