iKON Accused of Degrading Women After Crossdressing During Concert

iKON has landed in hot water. The 7-member group is accused of degrading women after photos of them doing vulgar actions while crossdressing during one of their concerts last year resurfaced online.

The “Airplane” singers performed EXID’s “Up and Down” during the concert. Donning short white button-down shirts, black skirts and wigs, they were singing sexily while teasing one another. One member could be seen lifting his groupmate’s skirt.

Another photo featured two members pretending to have sex on stage as one of them was doing push-up while another sat on top of his butt.

People were incredibly disgusted by their actions. “I don’t know who this group is but imagine how much they view women only as sexual beings that they’re behaving like this just for wearing skirts?” a commenter wrote on an article on Nate. “This is iKON. F**k, they were acting out all sorts of sexual harassment and lifting skirts while laughing about it,” another commented.

Others expected iKON’s fans to stop liking the group after seeing how they behaved. “iKON’s a flop anyway. This is so disgusting and shocking. Obviously they only view women as sexual beings that they can act like this in front of all their fans. So f**king thoughtless, no wonder all their fans are leaving,” one of them said. Another added, “I bet any fan would be done with them after this.”

iKon previously sparked controversy following their rendition of Gfriend’s “Me Gusta Tu”. One of the members appeared to make fun of Gfriend’s member Yuju, who fell down seven times on stage while performing the song in the middle of heavy rain. Although iKON only wanted to be funny, people deemed their action disrespectful and insensitive.

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